About Us

All of the birds in Hummingbird Studio's collection are hand carved out of solid basswood. The feet are made from bronze and the eyes are glass. Legs are sculpted from two-part epoxy. The birds are designed, carved, and painted at our studio in Beijing, China. The artists have been training and working since 1992. Recently these magnificent works have been made available to collectors and bird enthusiasts through our growing list of retailers. Please browse our galleries and contact the retailer nearest you to see this world class craftsmanship up close. Below are some photos of the artists at work.

Yao Qiang Li(Left Front), owner of Hummingbird Studio Beijing, with two of his artists

The bird's shape is sketched on a rough cut piece of basswood

Hand chisels are used to add detail

Detail is added around the eye

Burning pen is used to add detail

Each feather is given definition using a burning pen